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About James Potter

I supported the European project until the shocking treatment of Greece in the Eurozone crisis. In the 2016 referendum I hesitantly voted leave and events since then have confirmed for me that the UK should leave the EU. I have been surprised by the resistance to leaving, after all, international trade is boring stuff. The people waving flags wanting ‘more Europe’ at this time alarm me, the EU barely work’s and it needs reform not enlargement. As it is impossible to reform, the UK should leave. This has caused me to stand as a Brexit Party prospective parliamentary candidate.

In my home constituency of South Leicestershire the vote was 58.1% leave. Yet the sitting MP, Conservative Alberto Costa, despite a voting record that I generally support, on the issue of leaving the EU has been faint hearted. On 27 March 2019 Alberto Costa voted against leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. This stance destroys the negotiating position on the UK and plays into the hands of the EU which appears to negotiating in bad faith.

I have lived in South Leicestershire for over twenty years. During this time I have worked in many roles from warehouse picker to solicitor. In that time the constituency has changed, and with prosperity has come development pressure. Looking ahead, I want to ensure that the area retains its standard of living and economic success and that the benefits are enjoyed by everyone.

I am asking for constituents to back me in a general election to deliver a clean break Brexit and ensure a vibrant accountable democratic system of government.